Population: 820
Nea Makri is a small coastal village located to the west of Alexandroupoli. It belongs to the Municipality of Alexandroupolis and the distance from the center of the city is approximately 12km. The village is well known for the excellent beaches and it is the permanent summer destination for the habitants of Alexandroupoli and all the surrounding cities. The main activity of the locals is the olive oil production, the quality of which is famous among the olive oil producers of Greece. The small port of the city today serves the needs mainly of small fishing and sailboats.

In the area, after the excavations of the last years, a Neolithic settlement was found in a cave, named “The Cave of the Cyclops”. The settlementwhicj is located on a hill, is dated at 4.500-3.000 B.C. From that period, the importance is that we have one of the first areas with an early form of economic organization, as the excavations brought in light a plaster floor with storage vases. The hill continues to be habited during the Bronze and the Iron Age, and there are also some architectural findings that belong to the Hellenistic and the Roman period.
In the 10th c. A.D. the hill is used as a cemetery and the settlement moves to the position, where today we see the modern village. The village continues during the Byzantine and the Ottoman period. One of the main sites of the village is the church of Aghia Paraskevi that was built between 1800 and 1833. Some of the icons and the temple date from the 17th till the 19th c. A.D.

The visitor can easily reach the village following the Egnatia Odos E90, until the Nea Makri junction. From that exit, he will follow the old Komotini-Alexandroupoli national road and he will turn to the west at the first crossroad. From that point, the distance until the village is 700m. The village is also accessible from the coastal road that leads to the west from the center of Alexandroupolis.

Useful phones:
-Police: 100
-Fire Services: 199
-First Aid Services: 166
-Port Police: 25513-56225
-Peripheral Health Center: 25510- 71296
-Alexandroupolis Hospital: 25513-51000

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