Address: Mtsvane Kontskhi
Tel.: (+995 422) 29 49 29 (+995 422) 27 00 33

Batumi Botanical Garden was founded in 1912, though introductory work in the area had started in 1881. Foreign and Georgian gardeners, decorators and botanists such as M. d’Alfons, P. Tatarinov, A. Krasnov and I. Gordeziani made a valuable contribution to the founding and development of the garden. The rich collection of nine departments comprise 2037 taxonomic units of woody plants of which 104 are of Caucasian origin and 1540 represent flora of various geographical areas of the world (East Asia, North America, New Zealand, South America, the Himalayas, Mexico, Australia, Mediterranean). The Botanical Garden is working on different projects, such as local flora conservation, introduction, decorative gardening and floriculture, fruit-growing and selection, eco-education and tourism. Since 1998 the Garden has been a member of the World Botanic Gardens Conservation International Council (BGCI).