Mangalia (ancient Callatis)


On the western side of the Black Sea, coordinates: 43°49′ N; 28°35′ E

Foundation Date
6th century BC

Current Condition
At present, Mangalia is a flourishing city-port on the western coast of the Black Sea, 44 km south from Constanta. Its touristic offers are quite various and attractive. Besides the large beaches and hotels that provide relaxation and leisure activities to tourists, in Mangalia or in the nearby resorts, Saturn and Venus, there are also other choices one can make, especially when interested in cultural tourism. The Callatis Archaeological Museum displays artefacts related to the Greek, Roman and Byzantine Callatis. Ruins of the old city can also be admired in different parts of the modern city: a 5th century basilica and parts of the ancient fortification walls, as well as a small segment of an ancient street from the northeastern part of the city, preserved under a modern building. For tourists interested in religious tourism Saint ”Mina” Church and Esmahan Sultan Mosque are recommended. For leisure activities and sightseeing one should visit Mangalia Horse Farm, situated 3 km north from the city and Hagieni Natural Reservation or Limanu Lake.

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