Tropaeum Traiani
Tropaeum Traiani

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The triumphal monument is part of an archaeological complex, comprising the monument, the tumulus grave behind it and the commemorative altar, raised for the soldiers fallen in the battles fought in this region in 102 AD.The three monuments are placed as an isosceles triangle; the monument and the funerary tumulus mark the base, while the upper point is the altar. The altar was raised to honor the soldiers fallen during the battles fought by the Romans led by Emperor Trajan (98-117 AD) against an alliance worked out by the Dacian king Decebal. The tumulus grave was placed behind the monument and was also built in 102, short time after the altar. The tumulus contained the grave of a Roman officer, killed during the battle in Adadmclisi. The triumphal monument was built, according to the inscription, between 106 and 109 A.D., after Apollodorus of Damascus’ project. It bears 54 relief carvings, showing the fight of the Romans against Decebal’s allies, as well as 27 battlements, each one showing prisoners. The trophy itself was placed at the upper part of the monument. The park in which these monuments are placed also offers a pleasant view to visitors.