Address: Str. Episcopiei 23, Constanța
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It was built in 1883-1885 according to plans by architect Alexandru Orăscu and shows a cross shape, an open church porch at the entrance and three belfries. The furniture was made of oak, according to drawings by architect Ion Mincu; some pieces are decorated with semiprecious gems and gilded. The German artist Wirnst made the stained-glass windows. Lower Danube bishop Partenie Clinceni dedicated the church on May 22nd 1895. As it was partially damaged during a bombing raid (August 3rd 1941) ample restoration works took place. Painters Gh. Popescu and N. Dona Delavrancea restored the wall painting (1959-1965) with fresco technique. Saint martyrs from Dobrujan religious centers dated to the beginnings of Christianity are also represented in iconographic medallions (St. Chiril of Axiopolis, St. Maxim and St. Emilian of Durostorum i.e.). Since 1923 the edifice performs the role as cathedral and since 2001 it has monastery status. It hosts the relics of St. Great Martyr Pantelimon, St. Auxentius, St. Simeon Stilitus, Saints Epictet and Astion.