On the western side of the Black Sea, on Cape Doloșman, close to Jurilovca village, coordinates: 44°75′ N, 28°94′ E

Foundation Date
7th century BC

Current Condition
As Histria, the ancient site is not overlapped by a modern settlement, and can be thoroughly investigated by archaeologists and visited by tourists. Established as a Greek colony, in the 7th century AD, under the name of Orgame, it developed into a large roman and then roman-byzantine city, named Argamum. It was situated on one side of a bay, which opened towards the Pontus Euxinus (Black Sea), in which boats and larger ships could anchor in order to exchange goods or in order to be sheltered in case of storms or bad weather. There are no traces of ancient harbor installations, probably due to multiple landslides or maybe because the bay offered enough natural protection. The most visible to visitors are parts of the Roman-Byzantine city – large streets, with constructions on both sides, paleo-Christian basilicas and parts of the city walls. One of the oldest Greek tombs in the western part of the Black Sea, dated to the 7th century BC was discovered in the Greek necropolis of the city. The sights towards the Golovița – Razelm lake complex are wonderful. Therefore, besides the history it bears, this place is also great for sightseeing.