Address: Panagia District, Kavala, 65201, Greece

In the oldest district of the city-port, Panagia, in the meandering allays around the castle area you will visit Halil Bey or Hussein Bey Mosque. This was the area where first Muslim settlers established and constituted the first neighborhood. Restored during 2008, until early 20th century it used to be a Muslim mosque named after Halil Bey probably the owner or founder of the mosque. It is now a monument, during restoration parts of a Basilica were found beneath its foundations, visible through an impressive glass floor, a common phenomenon for the old town of Kavala where many different civilizations lived in different times in the same small, wall-surrounded area of Kavala ‘s castle town. Locals call it also “Palia Mousiki” meaning Old Music, as it used to house the Municipal Brass Band.