The settlement of the Nikolaev Peninsula began in the last quarter of the XVIII century, after the liberation of the Northern black sea coast from the Turkish invaders. At first the city was called the shipyard on the Ingul. The day of Foundation of the New Shipyard, later became Nikolayev, is considered to be April 27, 1789. This number dated prescription Potemkin Faleev “to Start a shipyard on the Ingul”. The city was named in honor of St. Nicholas the patron of sailors. The shipbuilding and fleet was subordinated to the life of the city. Almost a hundred years it was the headquarters of the black sea fleet. Nikolaev remembers the names of outstanding naval commanders F. Ushakov, P. Nahimov, V. A. Kornilov, A. S. Greig, F. Bellinsgauzen, M. Lazarev, G. I. Butakov.
The city is an important transportation junction of Ukraine (sea port, commercial port, river port, highway and railway junction, airport). Nikolaev port is one of the oldest in Ukraine, more than two centuries it brings glory to its region. The port history started in 1789. Opening in 1862 in the city commercial port, provided the impetus to the transformation of Nikolaev into a large commercial port. Then, on the left bank of Ingul river, near the building of Admiralty, near present Savage Garden was founded a Free Harbor which became an ancestress of the current port. In 1914 export trade in Nikolaev was started. Nikolaev sea port was the the third port in Russian empire, after St. Petersburg and Odessa in accordance with the cargo turnover. And the first port in accordance with the grain cargo.

Today Nikolaev Trade Sea Port is a budget forming enterprise of the region, it enters the top five of State seaports and is included in the list of strategically important enterprises for Ukraine economy.