A 25-hours training took place in Constanta, Museum for National History and Archaeology headquarters, between 11 and 15 November 2014.

It was addressed to culture providers (museums, theatres), local and regional authorities, economic stakeholders (especially tourism agencies) and educational stakeholders (educating the new generations to understand, love and support the culture of their country must be a priority in any cultural tourism initiative).

There were two modules:

1. Promotion of the cultural heritage and its importance for the local and regional development

2. Introductory classes for guides employed at several tourism agencies in Constanta – sites included in the cultural routes proposals

Within these modules experts from the cultural and the tourism sectors acting within the area presented the potentials of developing cultural tourism and managing cultural sites and ports of high cultural and economic value.

During these courses quality information was provided, new relations for the local LIMEN network were established, an opportunity for direct communication between cultural, economic and educational providers and local authorities was given, the cohesion between stakeholders from the same category was raised and the notion of acting together was highlighted, the visibility of the LIMEN project and the Institution of the Cultural Port was raised significantly and also the synergies with actions undertaken by several economic or tourism stakeholders in the area were stressed.

An overall number of 80 people attended the classes, with an average attendance of 21 per day.