The sea garden is an emblem of Varna town. It is situated on 850 decares along the seaside line. There is a sun-dial representing a flying swan at the entrance of the sea garden. The region has been used for recreation and walks from the 60s of the 19 th century, but it was only at the beginning of the 20 th that the park was reconstructed after the Conceptual Topical Project of Anton Ian Novak. At that time a project was proposed to place the busts of outstanding renaissance figures in some of its valleys.
Nowadays the Marine Gardens form an imposing park where you can visit the Natural Science Museum, the Naval Museum, the Copernicus Astronomy Complex planetarium, the first in the country, the zoo and the Terrarium. Here one can find the only Dolphinarium and Aquarium in the country.
There are also a swimming pool, tennis court, an open-air theater and a new children s complex (opened on 1 May 2002) with a lot of amusements: water wheels, slide, archery, trampoline.
Along the alley, which runs parallel to the coastline, there are a number of small cafes and restaurants, offering seafood specialties as well as attractive discos.