Izmail is a historic city on the Danube river in south-western Ukraine. The city is the administrative center of the Izmail district in the Odessa province and the largest Ukrainian port on the Danube. As such, it is a center of the food processing industry and a popular regional tourist destination. It is also a base of the Ukrainian Navy and the Ukrainian Sea Guard units operating on the river.
The port of Izmail is one of the largest and one of the most modern and highly mechanized ports on the Danube, which has two hundred years history. In different periods of time the port was a Russian, Turkish, Romanian, Soviet, and now Ukrainian enterprise. For all the state, the existence and activities of the port were political and economically beneficial and necessary. July 26, 1813 (old style) in Izmail was established a quarantine Committee and it was the beginning of activity of Izmail port. Then in October 6, 1828, the Senate gives Izmail port the freedom of the trade and opens the main share Customs. Through the port of Izmail was carrying wheat, fish, wool, fat, honey – products of Bessarabia. Into the port came the Austrian, English, Turkish, Sardinian, Greek, Russian ships have up to 150 ships a year.
Today the port of Izmail is the European gateway of the country, an important transport link, which connect the countries of Central and Northern Europe with the countries of Black and Mediterranean seas. The port of Izmail is a major transport hub, which is closely intertwined operation of sea, river, rail and road transport. Today the Port is developing as a multifunctional commercial port for handling iron-ore materials, coal, coke, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, paper, pulp, fertilizer, g boxes, packets, etc.