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The town of Kavarna is located on a rocky shore in the northern part of the Black Sea Coast, 63 km north-east from Varna. The beautiful seashore of Kavarna spans 42 km and the Municipality’s total beach area is 74 000 m2. The town’s population is around 11 000.

Traces of human activity in the region date back to 3000 years B.C. Greek settlers from Mesembria (today’s Nesebar) formed the Bizone colony in Vth century B.C. Today, on the headland of Chirakman, which is located 3 km south of Kavarna, there are the ruins of a defensive wall built during IV century A.D. In the Antique period and the Middle Ages, the town was an important economical and cultural centre. In 14th century Karvuna (Kavarna) and the nearby Kaliakra were the capital towns of the Karvun principality. After the 15th century, the medieval town of Karvuna was named Kavarna.

In the Town Historical Museum are kept discoveries dating back to 5-6 century B.C. The exhibited objects belong to the Thracian tribes that settled in the region, there are also Slavic and Proto-Bulgarian household items.

Today, Kavarna is famous as the “Rock capital of Bulgaria”, as every summer the town gathers world-famous rock musicians at a single venue. The “Kavarna Rock” festival first took place in 2006 and since then, many popular rock bands and artists have taken part, including Scorpions, Dream Theater, Tarja, Doro, Heaven and Hell, Motörhead, Manowar.

Many of the most beautiful beaches on the Black sea coast are found in the region of Kavarna.

Besides them and the historical sites, Kavarna and the region attract tourists with traditional events such as the “Mussels and fish fest”, “Week of the sea”, “Kavarna rock fest” and others.

9650 Kavarna
“Dobrotitsa” Str. 26
Phone: +359 (570) 8 18 18

Historical Museum – Kavarna
9650 Kavarna
“Chernomorska” Str. 1
Phone: 057 082 150