Contact Details:
Odessa City Council, Department of culture and tourism
Ekaterininskaya 14,
65026 Odessa
Tel +38 (048) 725-33-87
Fax +38 (048) 725-24-24
Information about the Department of Culture and Tourism of Odessa City Council Department of culture and Tourism of Odessa City Council manages two directions:

1. In the sphere of culture, its tasks are development of music, fine arts, decorative arts, folk art; cultural leisure; organization of city celebrations; development of aesthetic education schools; etc.

2. In the sphere of Tourism its tasks are: cooperation with international tourism organizations; promotion of different types of tourism in Odessa; providing with information about local tourism product; participation in national and international tourist exhibitions; organization of conferences, workshops for the tourism business workers; promotion of Odessa, etc.

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