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Black and Azov  Seas Ports Association

BASPAInternational organization Black and Azov Seas Ports Association (BASPA) was established by the conference of the General Directors of the ports of Black and Azov seas which was hold in Poti (Georgia) March 24, 1999.
The association was founded on the initiative of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC). Association of Black and Azov Seas (BASPA) actively participate in international organizations, defining and shaping trans – Black Sea transport network. The Association works in accordance with the Charter of BASPA and the Founders act of the Directorate. All basic decisions are accepted by the Conference which is spent one time in 2-3 years. The Conference, according to the Charter, for each next period elects the President from the Heads (General Directors) of ports and the Council of Association from the first heads of the ports – members of BASPA. Current permanent job of Association carries out by the Directorate of BASPA with the Executive Director. BASPA is the international non-governmental, non-profitable organization.

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