The city is located on the shore of the West part of Varna bay and partly on the North shore of Varna lake.


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Varna and the region are home for thousands of treasures – ancient culture, luxury resorts, a city rich in attractions and cultural life, natural landmarks, the charm of the warm Black sea, and more…

Thracians, Romans, Byzanths, Bulgarians, Slavs, Turkish conquerors have imprinted their identity in a colourful blend which defines the uniqueness of Varna’s region.

In the thrilling journey through Varna and the region, you have many sights to visit.

Here is the Archeological museum of Varna, where the world’s oldest golden treasure is kept. It dates back to 4000 years B.C. The discovery consist of 2000 objects (almost pure 23,5 carat gold) which weight 5,5 kg in total. It includes necklaces, bracelets, breastplates and vessels.

The Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral is one of the most emblematic buildings of Varna. The cathedral is impressive with its harmonious proportions and details. Its square is a starting point for many tourist routes around the city and the region.

The archeological site of the ruins of the public baths of Odessos are another interesting place to visit. Odessos is a Pontian colony established around 570 years B.C. by settlers from the Ionian town of Miletus.

The Roman thermae have spanned across 7000 m2 and their orientation was in conformity with the four cardinal points. The preserved walls reach 22 m in height.

Not far from Varna you can enjoy the natural phenomenon “Pobiti Kamani” or the royal residence “Evskinograd”.

Another facet of Varna is its culture calendar. The International Ballet Competition was established in 1964, and the International musical festival “Varna Summer” was first held back in 1926.

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