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The Naval Museum – Varna is among the oldest institutions in Bulgaria. Its beginning was laid in the Danube city of Russe in 1883. Later it was moved to Varna in the former Girls’ High School. The official opening of the Maritime Museum (as it was called then) took place on May 20, 1923,by which it was defined as the first public military museum in Bulgaria. Today the Museum is housed in a beautiful old building, situated in the Sea Garden. The new exposition was opened in 1956.
In its halls, in the open exposition and by all its manifestations, the Naval Museum in Varna presents and popularizes the maritime and the naval history of Bulgaria. In the course of 125 years of existence, there have been collected about ten thousands of exhibits. The museum disposes of rich library. For decades it studies our maritime past and seeks to maintain in the value system of the society, a respect for the achievements of the Bulgarian seafaring during the centuries – of the military sailors,of the dedicated to commercial shipping, shipbuilding, ship repair, artistic perception of the sea.
In its biography the Naval Museum became the first in the underwater archaeological researches in Bulgaria,by the organized in 1959, First Expedition – at the cape Kaliakra.In the coming decades were carried out series of studies under water – near the cape Kaliakra ,in Shabla, in Varna Bay, etc.
Since 1994 the Naval Museum has been a member of the Naval Museums World Organization.