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Establishing the Institution of 'Cultural Port'
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The “LIMEN” project proposes the pilot implementation of the Institution of the “Cultural Port of the Black Sea” and aims to give to all stakeholders and participants the possibility of supporting a new institution, which will contribute dynamically in the relationship of friendship and collaboration and in the development efforts of the area.

Inspired from the Institution of the European Capital of Culture that was initiated 30 years ago by the Greek Minister of Culture, Melina Mercouri, this project proposes the institutilanisation of the “Cultural Port of the Black Sea”. It is an effort to develop a timeless Institution, which will support cultural tourism development efforts around Black Sea region.

Through, the pilot implementation of the Institution of the Cultural Port of the Black Sea will be developed:

  • The institutional cooperation of the cities-ports on permanent basis
  • The improvement of the administrative capacity at local level
  • The establishment of a cultural-tourism-economic-social Network, which starting from the promotion of the cultural resources within the cities-ports of the Black sea, will create the conditions for the promotion and support of both the public and the private sectors involved in the field of culture and tourism.

The “Institution of Cultural Ports of the Black Sea” will be an “umbrella” action for all development initiatives that connect across borders – transnational level the Black Sea countries, particularly through the large ports currently active. It will promote the cultural value of these areas and will link efficiently the past with the present.

The Institution will also create a platform that in terms of economy and culture will ensure equitable and sustainable cooperation to serve contemporary needs of the societies and economies.

News about the Institution