On the western coast of the Black Sea- with the coordinates km 0 = lat. N 44° 10′, long. E 28° 09′

Foundation Date
6th century BC

Current Condition
Today, Constanţa is a prosperous port city with a population of almost 310,471 inhabitants of different nationalities. Its administrative territory covers an area of about 1121.66 km2. Though the city has predominat trade features, by its intense port activity, Constanţa has also a cultural-artistical, scientific and educational life through : The National Opera and Ballet Theatre „Oleg Danovski”, State Theatre, „Elpis” Theatre, Museum of National History and Archaeology, Art Museum, Folk Art Museum, Marine Museum, Military Museum, Natural Sciences Museum, „I. N. Roman” County Libray, „Ovidius” University Constanţa, different specialized highschools etc.

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