Address: Bd, Tomis 82-84, Constanța
Tel.: 0040-241-617012
Fax.: 0040-241-617012
Site: http://www.muzeulde

It was founded with paintings and sculpture collections originating from Constanţa Town Hall Pinacoteca. It was enriched with works transferred from the National Art Museum, also by acquisitions and donations made by Marius Bunescu, Ion Jalea, Boris Caragea. The objects are exhibited on three levels in two buildings, linked to one another: the first building is dated to 1895, showing neoclassic style outside decorative elements, the other one is modern, built in 1980-1982. Works signed by the most famous Romanian painters and sculptors are put into value in the first building. Compositions, portraits and landscapes of more recent generation artists can be seen in the second building.