Carol I Mosque (
Carol I Mosque (

Address: Str Crângului 1, Constanța
Tel.: 0040-241-611390
Fax.: 0040-241-611390

The edifice was built with Romanian state funding in 1910-1913, consisting of stone and brick, except the vault and the minaret, made of reinforced concrete. It was built according to plans elaborated by architect Victor Gh. Ştefănescu. Execution manner belongs to inventor Gogu Constantinescu and represents the first building made of reinforced concrete and brick ever built in Romania. The 450 m² large mosque, with a 25 m high vault and 47 m high minaret (the staircase inside has 140 steps) was raised on the spot of an ancient mosque (Mahmudia, built in 1822), of which the Mauro style mighrab (the altar) is preserved. The 99 attributes of God are written all around it. Since 1965 the mosque detains a 490 kg weighing and 144 m² large, manually made carpet among its patrimony objects. It was made about 200 years ago in Hereke (Turkey) and had been donated by Sultan Abdul Hamid to the mosque on Ada Kaleh Island, which is now flooded.
Visiting hours: 9:30 AM – 8 PM (9:30 AM – 5 PM offseason)