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Several Christian Basilicas from the 4th-6th centuries AD are known to have functioned in Tomis. Many of them are preserved underground, only 2 being accessible to visitors. One of them, lying under hotel Ibis, is the largest basilica discovered in Tomis, measuring up to 54.7 m in length and 24.3 in width. It has a pentagonal apse, and it is divided into three separate naves by two rows of columns. It was provided with three annexes, as well as with a colonnade on its northern side. The main entrance was through the atrium, situated on its western side. It was built in the 6th century AD, over the remains of an Early Roman amphitheater, which used to host gladiators fights. The basilica was situated on one side of ancient Tomis Main Street, which came from Histria and entered the city through the Main Gate, and was functional until the 7th century AD.