Address: Piața Ovidiu 5, Constanța
Tel.: 0040-241-618763
Fax.: 0040-241-618763

The Museum for National History and Archaeology Constanţa (MNHAC) is situated in the old center of Constanţa. The archaeological richness of Dobruja region is presented in its large exhibition rooms. The building itself is an example of Romanian architecture. It was built in 1921, to host the city hall of Constanța, and in 1977 it became MNHAC headquarter. It now shelters and displays several collections (glass, jewelry, numismatic, pipe and sculpture collection) and various artifacts, dating from prehistory to contemporary times, chronologically exhibited on the first and second floors. Most of the items displayed in MNHAC exhibition rooms, or preserved in its deposits, were discovered by the archaeologists on several sites in Constanța County, like: Tomis (Constanța), Histria (Istria), Capidava, Ulmetum (Pantelimon), Carsium (Hârșova), Callatis (Mangalia), Albești, Cheia, Oltina etc. Some of these sites are systematically researched each summer and supply the museum collections with new items each year.