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These ruins seem to be part of two different fortification systems: the Early Roman one, overlapped by the Ottoman fortification. The first one, built in the 2nd century AD, was dismantled in the Roman-Byzantine period, when a new fortification was built, in order to comprise a larger part of the peninsula. By tracing the three different fortification lines – Hellenistic, Early Roman and Roman-Byzantine – a pattern of urban development can be traced for Tomis: the inhabited area gradually increased, showing a continuous development of this city, until the 7th century AD. Another, more recent, fortification is known from the Ottoman period. A modern city plan shows an Ottoman settlement fortified on only one side, towards north-west, by a wall provided with two towers. A lithography though depicts the Ottoman fortification as a continuous line, with at least one more tower, on its eastern side, where nowadays the statue of ing. Anghel Saligny is placed.