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The Casino. In 1903 the local council decided to build a casino according to the Art Nouveau style project of architect Daniel Renard. But it was rejected by a part of public opinion and political parties. Works began in 1907 and were finished in 1910.
The Aquarium is placed at the sea shore, in front of the imposing Constanţa casino. Inaugurated on May 1st 1958, it was for a long period the first and only public institution of this kind in our country. The building was erected at the beginning of the 20th century as a casino annex. The space is used for the permanent aquatic fauna and flora exhibition.
The Genovese Lighthouse is a historical monument situated on Constanţa city shore, near the Casino and is 8 m high. It was built around the year 1300 by Genoese trading in the harbor. It was rebuilt in 1858-1860 by French engineer Artin Aslan at command of a British company.
The Promenade is located on the peninsula steep shore and was arranged according to modern tourism standards. The shoreline is provided with an archaic looking railing. The park along it is arranged as landscape with pergola, sculptures by Ion Jalea, a fountain and with the statue of Queen Elisabeth of Romania.