Dervent Monasrety (image taken from


Address: Lipnița, Galița, Constanța County
Tel.: 0040-241-857877
Fax.: 0040-241-857877

Dervent Monastery was founded between 1929 and 1936 (in Turkish dervent means “in the valley”) near the former Dervent fortress and in the immediate vicinity of one of the banks of the Danube River. In 1959, the abbot, and all the other monks were driven away from the monastery premises by the communist authorities. The monastic cells and the guesthouse were transformed into offices of the local state agricultural farms and the church was transformed into a local parish church. Nowadays the monastery is visited not only for the beautiful natural view that the surrounding landscapes have to offer and for the history it holds, but mainly for religious purposes and for the healing properties of the spring situated in its vicinity.