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It is a very important urban archaeological site, situated next to St. Peter and Paul Orthodox Cathedral. Hence the name under which it is known: Cathedral Park. The systematic archaeological research carried on in several campaigns between 1971 and 1974, uncovered a part of a residential area from the ancient city of Tomis. Two perpendicular main streets, as well as other fragments of the ancient street network, discovered in other parts of the city, allow us to draw the main axes upon which the orientation of the urban space was set. Due to this research an almost complete chronology of ancient Tomis was drawn, starting with the 6th century BC, and ending with the 5th century AD. Material discovered in waste pits showed that this area was also inhabited in the 6th century AD, but levels corresponding to this period were removed when the cathedral was built. Therefore, the Cathedral Park shows the history of a city through different historical periods, and the metamorphosis of a Greek colony into a Roman-Byzantine capital-city. One can also admire artifacts discovered here in the Museum for National History and Archaeology Constanța.