Address: Str. Mircea cel Bătrân 36, Constanța
Site: http://www.biserici.org

The edifice was built in 1865-1868 with Sultan Abdul Aziz’s acceptance and Greek community funding. In Constanţa it represents the first non-Muslim masonry religious building. The church shows a basilica shape, with two rectangular side-ships and a half circle central one. The floor is made of white marble and the altar of fir tree wood. The painter Radu Nicolae restored the inner painting in the eighties of the 20th century. After 1867 the building suffered some changes, like adding two side balconies and a cafas; in 1922-1924 four northern side windows were closed and in 1947 a bell tower was added, with no effect on the original architecture style. Greek community merchants endowed the church from foundation with a large number of cult objects (four large Murano chandeliers, a silver framed Gospel i.e.). In 1954 the edifice was declared historic monument. At present it has the status of mixed Romanian-Hellenic parish.