On the northwest coast of the Black Sea, about 480 km south of the capital city of Kyiv (46°28′ N 30°44′ E).

Foundation Date
September 2nd,1794

Current Condition
In the late18th c. the town was an important trading port and a fort frontier on the northern frontier of the Ottoman Empire.
After the establishment of the port and the city in 1792 according to the decree of the Empress Catherine the Great Odessa, owing to wisdom and foresight of the leaders Odessa became the third largest city of the Russian Empire. Full-fledged citizens of the city were representatives of more than 100 nationalities, whose heirs live in Odessa till now.
Original port of Odessa with a single pier was built in 1794-1797. During this time period 132 ships moored in the port. And soon Odessa`s port became the main port after port in St. Petersburg. In 1830-1840 the port underwent major expansion and by the end of reconstruction in 1850 it included three harbors and three piers. The first Catholic mayor of Odessa Richelieu, then Langeron and the Count Vorontsov played an invaluable role in the historical development of the port and the whole city, having achieved the first reduction of duties on trade, and later – the regime of a free port – duty-free goods, which lasted 40 years.
Today the port of Odessa, one of the biggest seaports of Eastern Europe which is the main landmark of the city. It is situated in the northwest part of the Black Sea, on the historically founded merchant ways between East and West. Odessa Commercial Sea Port is one of strategic enterprises in Ukraine and is named ‘the southern sea gates of the country’. “The Golden Child” of talented sculptor Ernst Neizvestnyi greets the visitors of the Sea Port. Here is a beautiful modern exhibition complex, which hosts regular international exhibitions. Also the Sea Port has one more beautiful monument to “Sailor’s Wife,” who is staring afar, waiting for her husband – a sailor. Behind the hotel there is an open air exposition of anchors, which is constantly updated.

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