Address: 4, Havanna str.
Tel.: 00 38 048 725 52 02

The museum is located in central Odessa next to the old City Garden, in a building that is an architectural monument of the second half of the XIX century. Museum exhibitions include documents, print editions, items of applied and visual arts, medals and coins, weaponry of the XVII-XIX centuries connected with the city and regional history that once formed a part of the collection of the Museum of Odessa Historical and Antiquities Society, Book Museum, and the Old Odessa Museum. There are a lot of vivid pages in the relatively short history of Odessa: some of them are connected with visits by distinguished personages – Doctor Pirogov, chemist Mendeleyev, writer Lesya Ukrainka – and the memorable, heroic days of Odessa’s defense during the Great Patriotic War. Witnesses to these historical events, such as a foremast fragment of Battleship “Potemkin”, or pieces of the original monument to Catherine II and her associates (created by the sculptors B. Eduards, A. Popov and Y. Dmytenko) are especially valuable. The history of Ukraine from the times of Hetman Skoropadskyy, the first president of Ukraine, M. Grushevskyy, and other historical personalities are all reflected in the museum’s exhibition.