Address: 34, Preobrazhenska str.

Hotel “Passage ” can be called the most welcoming attraction of Odessa. This unique complex, being in the center of the historic part of the city , is one of the most important architectural monuments of Odessa , and thus properly fulfills its function from the start – this is the home for visitors of the city and the most beautiful shopping center .

The building of the hotel ” Passage” , built in the years 1898-1899 , till nowadays remained almost pristine , with the exception of just a couple of details . Architect L.L. Vlodek harmoniously combined the canons of sculpturesque modern, lush and elegant Baroque and elegant classics , giving South Palmyra a unique construction .

Hotel “Passage” is one of the trademarks of Odessa. Courtyard of closed glass roof creates a unique atmosphere of a European city. The hotel has many windows overlooking the world famous Deribasovskaya street.