Address: Lanzheronovskaya str., 2
Tel.: 00 38 048 722 33 70
Site: http://museum-literature.odessa.ua/

The two hundred year history of Odessa has included about 300 distinguished writers, all represented in the 24 halls of Odessa Literature Museum, established in 1977. Located near Deribasovskaya Street and the Odessa Opera House this magnificent palace with luxuriant halls was designed by L.Otton. The former mansion of Prince Gagarin now exists as part of the city’s cultural life. The building itself has belonged to the Odessa Literature and Artistic Society since the beginning of the XX century. Pushkin, Gogol, Mitskevich, Babel, Franko, Lesya Ukrainka, Korolenko, Bunin, Katayev, Kotsyubinskyy, Bagritskyy, Olesha, Ilf & Petrov… This list of the most eminent writers can be continued, and one can see personal belongings, autographs of the writers, first editions of their books, engravings, age-old placards, and rare issues of Odessa newspapers in the museum… Visitors can smile at the sight of a funny drawing of Yuriy Olesha and see a cap that once belonged to Ilya Ilf. The Literature Museum is finely decorated and each hall has its peculiar characteristics. Although the grand piano has grown quiet in the Golden Hall it sets off the golden elegance of the room’s furnishing with its blackness (historians believe that Franz Liszt himself once gave a concert here!). The exquisite furniture and design of some halls alternates with the riot of placards and revolutionary themes of others. Don’t be surprised if you meet a well-dressed bride here, as if she stepped out of a fairy-tale – the palatial interior of the Literature Museum is popular for the wedding photos of newlyweds.