Address: Str. Callatis 1, Constanța
Site: http://www.biserici.org

The first Armenian Church in Constanţa was built of wood in about 1740. The basements of the second church were laid in 1880 by founder Nazaret Torosian in the eastern part of Tomis peninsula, towards the sea. The surface on which the new edifice was built was donated to the Armenian community by Constanţa municipality for a church and a school. In 1942 the church was destroyed by fire, religious service was to be held in the festivity hall of the Armenian school. This “new” siege, used today as rectory at the ground floor and as cult space at the first floor, was enlarged in 1999 with a belfry and since 1998 it was modified to look as a traditional Armenian Church or monastery. Inside there is no wall painting and a scanty number of icons. The church is under patronage of “God’s Mother