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Located in the Southeastern part of modern Varna, the Roman baths (in Latin thermae). The baths were built upon more than 7000 sq.m. and used to be the largest antic public building in Bulgaria. The architectural style and some discovered coins provide information that the construction work took place in the end of the second – beginning of the third century AC. They were in use until the end of 3rd c. AD. The impressive construction, the perfect performance of the bright architectural concept, the rich decoration determine the Thermal complex as an important monument of the ancient architecture in the Bulgarian lands. They are witness of the cultural and economic blossom of the city in the 2nd and 3rd cc. of its wealth and prosperity. The baths in Odessos are among the biggest ones in the European part of the Rome Empire. They resemble to the well known baths, built in Rome by the emperors Caracala and Diocletian and witness that Odessos was an important center in the Roman provinces on the Balkans. The baths give an idea about the architectural image of the city ant the artifacts from the excavations reveal the daily life of its citizens. The relatively short existence of the baths could be explained by the the social and political crisis from 3rd century which caused damages in the Roman Empire and Odessos, as a part of it. The maintenance of the baths became very expensive and they gradually left without good care. The stone material and decorative elements were taken and used for the construction of other buildings, including the small baths of Odessos from 4th century.