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The best known medieval rock monastery on the Bulgarian Black sea coast is located at some 14 km North-East from Varna and about 3.5 km west of the resort Zlatni Pyasatsi.
It is not known much about the past of the monks’ site. Archeological research indicates, that the area has been populated since early Christian period (4th – 6th c.). Chronology of the surviving wall paintings in the monastery’s chapel indicates that the asylum flourished by 13th – 14th c. After the fall of Bulgaria under Ottoman rule at the end of 14th c., the monastery gradually lost importance and probably by 16th – 17th c. was finally deserted.
Systematic studies of this important Christian monument began bay the end of 19th c., the first scholars to do so being the pioneers of the Bulgarian archeology – brothers Karel and Herman Skorpil.
In 1927 Aladzha monastery was officially declared as national heritage site, and again in 1957 г. – for national monument of culture. The specific architectural forms, combined with beautiful panorama around and numerous legends, told by local population, create a unique atmosphere of serenity and mystique. During almost a century this scenery make of Aladzha monastery one of the most attractive museum and tourist sites on the Bulgarian Black sea coast, included in almost all world guides.