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Balchik is a small town in the Dobrich Province with population around 11 300. It is located nearly 45 km south from Varna.

Balchik is one of the oldest European towns. It has been established more than 2600 years ago in the 6th century B.C. by an Ionian colony above the ruins of a much older village, known by the name of Kruni – Springs.

Balchik is situated amphitheatrically on the seashore. The town has a millennial history which uniquely combines nature, romance and the charm of the sea.

Notable sights include: The Botanic garden, Cultural Centre “The Palace”, the old school by the “St. Nikolay” complex, the Ethnographic museum, the Art gallery, the town’s historic museum, Teketo. Also located in the region are the headland of Kaliakra, Kamen Bryag and Pobiti Kamani.

The Palace in Balchik is the only place in the world where the sacred buildings of Islam and Christianity stand peacefully side by side. The Romanian Queen Maria has been given credit for this, as she herself professed the exotic Baha’i religion.

Near the Palace in Balchik is located the University Botanic Garden, which was established in 1955, shares its history with the Palace. There can be found more than 370 labelled species of plants. Especially impressive is the cacti collection of 600 specimens.

Another of Balchik’s prides is the most preserved temple of Cybele – the Great mother goddess. The construction’s area is 93,5 m2 and dates back to 280-260 B.C.

9600 Balchik
“21 Septemvri” Square 6
Phone: 0579 710 77

The Palace of Balchik and The Botanic Garden
9600 Balchik
“Kurortna zona Dvoretsa” 1
Phone: 057 976 849