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Byala is located on the border of the Varna and Burgas municipalities. The nearest town is Obzor (5 km). Varna is 50 km north from Byala, and Burgas is 70 km south. Camp Irakli, one of the most beautiful virgin beaches in Bulgaria, is 20 km south of Byala.

Byala is a well-known tourist destination. The beach is spacious, sandy and clean. In Byala is located the natural landmark “Belite skali”, which is exceptionally rare and is of international importance. There have been found traces of a collision with a space body dating back to 65 million years. Byala is the fourth place in the world where traces from the impact that eradicated the dinosaurs have been discovered.

The region of Byala is famous with its wine production, vineyards are planted with the most suitable sorts of vines for the area.

The archeological site on the headland of St. Atanas has many layers – there are objects from different historical periods from the Hellenistic Age to the Late Antiquity (16th-17th centuries A.D). There can be found an Early Christian basilica, two baptisteries, wineries, ceramic kilns and other buildings of public and commercial importance.

The fortress located above the bay can also be defined as a port town. The defense line consisted of a wall and a ditch, which was aroud 250 m and enclosed an area a bit larger than 35 decares.

Byala Municipality
Byala, Andrei Premianov Str. 29
Phone: +35951432379

Antique Fortress on St. Atanas headland
Byala, Blv. St. Atanasii 43
Phone: +35952 950 078; +359 882 355 441