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The headland of Kaliakra and its historical reserve are located 12 km southeast from Kavarna. It is an elongated, narrow rocky peninsula, jutting out almost 2 km into the sea. This is one of the most attractive places for tourists on the Black sea coast, given its rich history, the preserved nature and beautiful landscapes.

The slopes of the headland cascade from a height of 60-70m straight into the sea. The waves have formed caves and arches at their base, which are reachable only by water. In the past, these tunnels were connected with the fortress and with their help, ships were laden and unladen.

“Kaliakra”, translated from Greek, means “the beautiful headland”. Before the Greek, its beauty had been greatly appreciated by the Thirisi – a Thracian tribe.

Kaliakra was a capital of one of the rulers of Thracia and a heir of Alexander the Great – Lysimachus. Legend has it that he hid the treasures he conquested in Persia in the headland’s caves.

In 1941, Kaliakra becomes a protected natural reserve in which the water area is also included. This makes it the only of its kind in the country. The nature is unique. This is the only place you can see steppic grasslands. Until 1981, the Mediterranean monk seal could be found in the caves beneath. In Kaliakra, there are over 400 species of plants and around 310 species of birds.

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