Population: 3.500

Nea Peramos is a small coastal village. The distance from Kavala is 17km. For a few years it was the capital of the Municipality of Eleftherai and today belongs to the Municipality of Eleftheroupolis.
Today Nea Peramos is one of the well-known touristic areas of Kavala, and during summer, the population rises up to 15.000 people.
The most famous beach of the area is the Ammolofoi beach, that consists from a long beach of approximately 3km that today is famous all over Northern Greece, with natural sand hills, a unique phenomenon.
Its port serves the needs mostly of cargo ships and at the same time, it is a safe area for sailboats during the winter. Moreover, the port connects the village with Thassos island, with ferry boats, mostly for cargo transport.

At the south of the village, the visitor can see the remains of the first installation at the area that dates back at the 7th c. B.C. The city was built from Thassian colonists that founded and called it Oesymi, a small trade station that helped the trade with the mainland and secured the coast.
The city was renamed Anaktoroupolis after the 9th c. A.D. and it’s referred as the local bishop’s capital. Trademark of that period is the well preserved castle that remains until today.

The city survived until the 15th c. A.D., when the Ottomans conquered the area and the city was halved.
Today’s habitants mostly origin from the refuges of Minor Asia, who came to the area in 1923, from the homonymous area at the Marmara Sea. Officially the village was established at 1928 with his modern name.
After the first installation, one of the main problems of the habitants was the existence of swamps, a permanent issue for the locals, causing malaria, but after some years, the common effort of the locals transformed the land and the problem was solved.

The visitor can reach the city following the Egnatia Odos E90, from the Nea Peramos junction, that leads to the villages of Nea Peramos and Nea Iraklitsa. Alternative ways are the old national road of Thessaloniki-Kavala or the coastal road of Kavala-Nea Peramos. There is also tactical bus connection with the city of Kavala.

Useful phones:
-Police: 100
-Fire Services: 199
-First Aid Services: 166
-Port Authority: 25940-21711
-Post Office: 25940-21702

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