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Nesebar is one of the oldest towns in Europe, established more than 3200 years ago. The Old town is located on a small peninsula, only 850 meters long and 350 meters wide, connected with the mainland by a narrow isthmus.

When coming to Bulgaria, be sure to visit the unique monuments of Bulgarian culture under UNESCO protection. One of them is the Ancient Nesebar – a mixture of Thracian, Hellenic, Roman and Medieval Bulgarian cultures.

Legend has it that more than 40 churches towered over the Old Nesebar! Today, guests of the town can relish the sight of 23 temples. Impressive mural paintings can be found in the churches of St. Stefan, St. Spas, the Church of Christ Pantocrator, the Church of John Aliturgetos, St. Paraskeva.

Here, near the sea, where the salty breeze and the warm southern sun meet, you will get a magical feeling from the old churches, basilicas, thick curtain walls, narrow cobble streets and the romantic athmosphere. Here are the defensive walls and towers, marks of the importance of Mesembria as a commercial and religious centre. The early Byzanthine thermae are connected by an elaborate water distribution system with an impressive scale.

Nesebar has many faces! There isn’t only the stone-still, ancient beauty. The sea, the sand, the wonderful tourist complexes, bars and restaurants, as well as the small ship cruises will give you a wonderful time.

The resorts Slanchev bryag, Sveti Vlas, Ravda, Obzor are nearby. Grab your handful of seaside adventures!

8230 Nesebar
“Edelvais” Str. 10
Phone: 0554/2 93 40

Archeological Museum
8231 Nesebar
“Mesembria” Str. 2
Phone: 055 446 012