On September 29 Varna Municipality and International Black Sea Club (IBSC) organized best practices exchangemeeting of the stakeholders in the project “LIMEN: Cultural ports of the Aegean to the Black Sea” at the Press Office of the Festival and Congress Centre – Varna.

The agenda included the presentation, dissemination and synergies between the Black Sea Basin JOP 2007-2013 Projects implemented in the area.

The main issue of the meeting was the promotion of cultural tourism in Varna, the synergies to be promoted and the so far best practices achieved. A press conference was also organized which draw media attention.

In the meeting participated representatives from the Bulgarian E.U. funded projects managing authorities and the project teams of the Projects:

  • LIMEN: Cultural ports of the Aegean to the Black Sea”
  • “OLKAS: From the Aegean to the Black Sea. Medieval ports in the maritime routes of the East
  • “BS TOURISM NET: Creation of Black Sea network for sustainable tourism development in Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia”
  • “REPAIR: Regional cooperation to protect the environment from agricultural contaminants in rivers of the Black Sea”

The Assosciate Partner in LIMEN project, the International Black Sea Club, presented their operation and objectives of their activities in the frame of the LIMEN project.

All stakeholders agreed that that synergies between the projects are essential to develop sustainable results in the cultural tourism and in the economic development of Varna within the Black Sea.

The meeting enabled the construction of a network of partners and stakeholders in the Joint Operational Programme “Black Sea Basin 2007 – 2013” and project LIMEN, as well as promoting the projects, discussion and exchange of good practices.