The training course on sustainable cultural tourism with the local network OF Odessa city was held on December 25th, 2014 at Odessa City Council headquarters.

Members of the local network participated and additionally the course gathered representatives of Odessa hotels, travel companies, museums, universities and of course the media.

Main objectives of the training course:

  • The LIMEN Project, the partnership, its aims, plans and so-far results
  • The Institution of the “Cultural Port of the Black Sea”.
  • Exchange of opinions and ideas concerning the cultural tourism development in Odessa.

The agenda included:

1. Project «LIMEN: Cultural ports from Aegean to Black sea»:

а) partners

b) groups of activities

c) Local Network

d) development of site, subscribe for the newsletter


2. Creation of the cross border cultural tourism


3. Creation and promotion of the calendar of events in Odessa for 2015 within the objectives of the LIMEN project and the Institution of the “Cultural Port of the Black Sea”


4. Participation in the international touristic exhibition ITB-Berlin 2015


Participants were also acquainted with the LIMEN project site and were urged to subscribe for receiving the newsletters.

During the training course the Department of Culture and Tourism of Odessa City Council found common ground for partnership within the aims of the LIMEN projects with the Museum of History and Regional Studies and with Odessa Archeological Museum who expressed their intention to participate in the project within its realization in Odessa.


The representative of the Economic University presented several ideas for the development of cultural tourism in Odessa:

  • creation of volunteer services for the tourists,
  • holding of the young specialists conference in Odessa
  • creation of system of tourists analysis, etc.

Participants of the training course were invited to prepare ideas and send them to the Department of Culture and Tourism of Odessa City Council for the further development and implementation within Odessa.

Brief information about the meeting was published on the Odessa official web-site