Address: Mohammed Ali square, Panagia, Kavala, 65110, Greece
Tel.: +30 2510 620154
Fax.: +30 2510 620153

Mohammed Ali’s house is situated on the Panagia Peninsula in the old town of Kavala. The future ruler of Egypt was born and lived in Kavala The building, constructed around 1780-90, is considered one of the most splendid extant examples of eighteenth century Ottoman architecture in Greece. Today, Mohammed Ali’s house functions as a museum. The interior decoration is simple. A few memoranda and objects such as carpets, furniture and pottery, displayed in each room help the visitor gain some sense of the original atmosphere of the house. It also houses the Mohammed Ali Research Centre (M.O.H.A) the activities pursued are: Scientific & Development Projects, educational programs, conferences and lectures, exhibitions and arts as well as publications in the field of Islamic research.
Mohammed Ali’s House overlooks the Square named after the great benefactor of Kavala. The square was designed in 1931-1934 by Ernesto Verucci Bey who was Egypt’s chief court architect. Mohammed Ali’s statue that dominates the square was created in Paris by the Greek sculptor Konstantinos Dimitriadis, commissioned by the Greek communities of Egypt and offered to Mohammed Ali’s hometown.