Address: Nea Karvali, 64006, Kavala, Greece
Tel.: 2510 316192
Fax.: 2510 316192

The Historical – Ethnological Museum of the Greeks of Kapadokia and the Centre for Kapadokian Studies are located 9 kilometers from Kavala in the village of Nea Karvali. Awarded the European Union Award for Best Museum in Europe in 1997, the museum presents the fascinating history of the Kapadocean Greeks, who despite all odds kept intact their distinct identity throughout the centuries in the central Asia Minor until their expulsion in 1924 with the exchange of populations between Greece and Turkey. The Museum which was launched in March 26, 1995 is located in Nea Karvali, whose inhabitants are the descendants of the Greek communities in Gelveri and its surrounding villages in today’s Aksaray Province in Turkey. The Museum consists of six thematic units, which include such exhibits as costumes, carpets, fabrics, objects of daily life, tools and utensils, musical instruments, antiques from the time of the first known settlement of Capadocean Greeks in2000 BC until 1924.
The Centre for Kapadocean Studies is the only one of its kind that tries to project the Greek Kapadokian tradition and history internationally. It has restored by its own means and maintains a traditional refugee home, in which the Historical Archives of Kapadokia are stored. One can find there, several historical documents and manuscripts of Kapadokia. Scientific surveys are being carried out, as well as studies and data collection on the life of Kapadocean Greek refugees.