Address: 4 K. Palaiologou, 65403, Kavala
Tel.: +30 2510 223344
Fax.: +30 2510 223351

The Tobacco museum of Kavala is a thematic museum, which includes objects and archival material for the cultivation and the production of tobacco, its agricultural and commercial processing, as well as industrial tobacco products and exhibition samples specially compiled by experienced tobacco workers. The town of Kavala has witnessed the birth of the first European workforce cooperative struggle from the tobacco workers of Kavala in the 19th century. The Federation of tobacco merchants of Greece, the National Organization for Tobacco, Tobacco Workers Association of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace,, tobacco trade companies and individuals have donated their archival material from the 19th and 20th century for the collections of the Museum, which, has undertaken the task to archive, categorize, digitize and handle the material with the outmost responsibility so as to provide to the town of Kavala the most modern European Tobacco Museum.