Address: Lydia, 64003, Kavala, Greece

In the village of Lydia next to the Archaeological site of Philippi, there is the baptistery of Saint Lydia. Lydia Purpuraria (1st century A.D) was born at Thyatira (Ak-Hissar), a town in Asia Minor. She became Paul’s first convert to Christianity in Philippi. She was the first European Christian to be baptized and is honored as St. Lydia the Philippian, celebrated on May 20th. The Orthodox Church proclaimed her Saint equal to the Apostles. In honor of Saint Lydia an impressive octagonal church – baptistery, decorated with mosaics and stained glass has been erected as well as the Centre for Historical Studies ‘Saint Paul’ in place of the baptistery of St. Lydia. The established foundation aims to help improve the cultural and religious tourism, the development and promotion of the route of the Apostle Paul, the consolidation of archaeological sites in the region (Philippi, Krinides and Lydia where the Baptistery of St. Lydia stands) and in religious research. The building contains a thematic library, exhibition spaces – meetings and conventions areas.