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In 1881, a city park began to be built on the north and north-east banks of Lake Nuri in Batumi. Later it was called Alexander Park in the honour of the Russian Emperor Alexander II. In 2004 it was renamed May the Sixth Park to commemorate the Rose Revolution in Ajara.
A famous Austrian botanist and gardener Ressler was invited to design the park and plant most of the exotic trees, bushes and flowers.
In 1888, when Russian Emperor Alexander II and his family visited Batumi, a new tradition of planting flowers and trees by noble guests in Alexander Park and Nicholas Boulevard was started. Some of the plants dating from that time, including Magnolia grandiflora, Cedrus deodara, Kuninghamia lanceolata, Taxodium distichum, Cupresus luzitanica preserve to the present day.
A column in the park entrance was erected in 1939.