Address: 11, K. Gamsakhurdia Ave. / 22, M. Abashidze Ave.

A dwelling house of a well-known Georgian manufacturer and Batumi City Councilor Nikoloz Sabashvili (Sabaev) was built during 1903-1904. Located at the crossroads, this three-storey pompous house characterized by Renaissance-Baroque style, along with other large, impressive buildings (Ajara government administration building, 9, Gamsakhurdia St, the building of Constitutional Court, 10, Gamsakhurdia St, the House of Labour, 13, Gamsakhurdia St / 23, Abashidze St) defines the urban character of this part of the city.
Variety and abundance of architectural elements (rustication, Corinthian semi-columns, pilasters, balconies with balustrades supported by large corbels) and plastic decoration give the building an exceptional look.
Statues of huge, bearded Titans heads wearing helmets are inserted in the arched pediments. A prominent bay window with a dome and a spire, supported by strong figures of atlantes, is located at the corner of the streets.
A well-known Georgian sculptor Serapime Pololikashvili contributed to the decoration of the façades.
This Art-Nouveau building designed as a shop and located at 20, M. Kostava Street was commissioned by Nikoloz Sabashvili.